Third Space Bolton wants to help young people overcome the obstacles to their social, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Third Space is a term that means your ‘leisure time’.
(First Space is your family time, Second Space is your working day)

Third Space is an important space to think about and reflect on our lives in our First and Second Spaces and the bigger questions of life.  Coffee can be helpful!

Mission statement

”As Christians we want to inspire, unite and support young people across Bolton to live healthy and fulfilled lives”

Third Space is a resource for supporting health and wellbeing (mental, physical, social) of young people (13 – 25) and for inspiring community cohesion. We also want to be a resource to enable young people to choose a belief in God.

We will provide:

A range of health and wellbeing services in schools, colleges and the community.

A fair-trade cafe hub at locations across our town which offer support for wellbeing.

Signposting to other services and agencies that can support health and wellbeing


Third Space Bolton was launched in September 2015 as an ecumenical Christian charity supporting youth and young adults. Revd Mark Cowling (Young Adults Missioner in CofE) had developed Fit4Life and Love Running and had experience with Youth Alpha and Romance Academy. With a team of trustees from local churches, kick start funding was received leading to a well received launch of the schools and students work, the cafe and events.

Our vision

Third Space Bolton wants to help young people overcome the obstacles to their social, mental, physical and spiritual well-being:

-25% young people suffer from mental health problems which can be diagnosed by a GP

-Schools are measured by the academic achievement of students, however emotional intelligence and well-being, which is a better predictor or success in the workplace, needs more investment.

-The number of young people being referred to counter-radicalisation schemes is expected to double in the next two years and community cohesion is under threat.

-Many young people are not supported sufficiently in having an opportunity to choose a belief in God.

Third Space Bolton aims to fill a growing gap by being a unique high quality health and well-being resource for young people in Bolton, reaching thousands of young people in education and hundreds of people through our cafe and events.