We are happy to be working with Third Space as part of our 6th Form enrichment programme again this year. Their flexible approach allows us to work together to design sessions that suit our needs and their speakers are engaging and professional in their approach.​

H. Tunstall
Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Bolton School​​

Adolescence is the third of six extraordinary human life stages and is the transition into adulthood. Third Space supports young people through this time of growth and change physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Emotional intelligence is understood to be a better predictor of success in job performance than IQ and there is a need to provide more support for this area of social development and learning.

25% of young people suffer from emotional, behavioural and mental health problems that can be diagnosed. Third Space aims to raise awareness of mental health and support early interventions.

Since 2015, Third Space has developed four key areas to support and inspire students at school with proven outcomes with many high schools across Bolton, but especially Bolton School, the Bishop Fraser Academy Schools and ESSA Academy.

The Ultimate Video Session for any class

Expert wellbeing content for young people age 11-18.

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In school sessions

Creative teaching and learning.

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