In Class Session

We offer a range of in-school sessions which can be delivered as part of PHSE or Enrichment Sessions


Lessons include a Pdf file as a Download.

£120/1-4 hours

  • Life Balance
    How to build four components of life balance
  • Emotional health
    The positives and negatives of stress, preventing the downward spiral of negative thinking
  • Consent
    Learning to identify my choices and know how to give and get consen
  • Drugs and Alcohol
    Raising awareness and understanding addiction
  • Identity
    Understanding diversity, culture and ethics
  • Self Control
    Understanding desires and dealing with anger
  • Fake News
    Spotting fake news and learning good journalism in a world where everybody is a publisher
  • Resilience
    Processing hard times and overcoming obstacles to wellbeing
  • Mobile phone hygiene
    Media overload, online safety and setting boundaries
  • Pornography
    Addiction, healthy relationships and realistic expectations
  • Raising Environmental Champions
    Climate aware, climate action, climate influencer
  • Climate anxiety
    What is it and how do we deal with it?
  • Climate injustice
    What is it and what’s our responsibility?
  • Social History
    Curating our own family and community history

A variety of funding options can be discussed to reduce the price of our in-class sessions:

-bursaries for schools (provided by some of our funders)
-try before you buy options
-fundraising options such as a school entry with Love Running
-advertising Third Space Silent Disco hire for student’s private use

We also offer Teacher Training Sessions to improve knowledge and skills on wellbeing of young people.