Third Space Schools Sessions


Fit4Life Enrichment Sessions

Fit4Life is up to twelve one hour sessions that help young people explore overcoming the obstacles to their wellbeing.  It covers emotions inside us, practical issues of money and setting goals and relationships in the family and at school.

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Consent is a ninety minute session that raises awareness of the legal framework for consent, capacity to give consent and positive choices and relationships.

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Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Drug & Alcohol Awareness is a ninety minute session with input from a recovered drug addict, that helps young people appreciate types of external influences that affect our choices, understand the harm alcohol and drugs do to our wellbeing and supports making positive choices about alcohol and drugs.

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Emotional Health

Emotional Health is a ninety minute session on emotional obstacles to wellbeing, including spotting first signs, awareness of the support available and how to we can help others.

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Our world - I.D.

Identity is a ninety minute session considering what contributes to our identity, helping students understand aspects of physical, mental, emotional maturity and respecting difference including gender fluidity

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Our world –Fake News

Fake News is a ninety minute session from an experienced journalist who helps students work out what is fact and fiction, truth and falsehood,   equipping them with tools for logical and ethical reasoning.

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Self Control

Self Control is a ninety minute session helping students appreciate the inner life, understand the discipline of self control and equipping them for planning personal growth

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Rites of passage

Rites of passage –entry to adulthood is a series of four one hour sessions that creatively explores the responsibilities of adulthood through four pictures; the King, the Magician, the Warrior and the Lover.

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Faith specific groups –are weekly one hour sessions that help young people explore a belief in God through a variety of youth friendly materials such as Youth Alpha

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Love Running

We help you learn to run or advance in your running with the goal or entering the Manchester 10K.

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Call Mcr

Responding to young peoples needs in times or crisis.

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Exam Prayer

Fill in our simple form and know that we have a whole team of people from across the world who will be praying for you and your exams!

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