Second Space (your working day)

Why we’re passionate about your working day (also known as your Second Space).

We're all about investing in you in your work place, be it in your home, your office or organisation.

Our courses will help give you the necessary space to think about life in your Second Space.


Fit4Life @Work is up to twelve sessions that explore foundations for wellbeing and emotional health which equip people as role models, people fit to follow and fit to lead.


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Faith @Work is up to six sessions which provide insights into how the Christian faith redeems work through a new identity, bringing dignity and a moral compass, and enabling work to serve us rather than master us, sink us, bore us, corrupt us or frustrate us.


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Working with us

We can thrive when we have a balance of first space (family), second space (work) and third space (leisure time).  Working with us at any level can enable you to learn about and experience wellbeing in these three areas.


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