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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

- Thomas Edison

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Who runs examprayer.co.uk?
The site is a project of Third Space Bolton. We are a Christian charity based in Bolton, UK. It was developed because each May we would offer to pray for those young people in youth groups and schools who were taking exams (if they wanted us to). Sometimes we would ask these young people to write their exams information on scraps of paper and pin them to our notice board. This all seemed rather clunky so 'exam prayer' was born.
If you have any specific questions about this you can email us at thirdspacebolton@gmail.com
What happens when I click ‘Get Prayer’?
When you click on the ‘Get Prayer’ button the information you have entered into the form gets submitted to our ‘to pray for’ list. From there a prayer volunteer will read what you have written and begin to pray for you up to and during your exams. Prayer volunteers are chosen by Third Space Bolton for this task and will treat your prayer request in the upmost confidence. Third Space Bolton and our Prayer Volunteers will not share your prayer request with anyone else or publish it to the website or any social media accounts. We will simply pray for you.
What about my personal information?
Third Space Bolton does not collect any personal information about you, we do not ask for, neither do we want, your contact details. We therefore will not contact you regarding your prayer request or any other matter. All of the information you share with us is treated in the strictest confidence and only shared with our Prayer Volunteers.
Does prayer work?
As Christians we believe that when we pray we are communicating with God and that when we do He hears and responds. When we pray for you we are not expecting that you will get straight A grades, rather we are asking that God would protect you as you study, help to keep you calm and to do the best that you can in this often stressful process. We believe in the God of the Holy Bible and from reading these scriptures believe that God created us, loves us and cares for and about us. We therefore know that when we pray God is interested in what we talk to him about and that because he loves us he will respond to these prayers in His ways in His time – He is God after all!
To find out more about Christian prayer we recommend 24-7prayer.com
Can I become a Prayer Volunteer?
Unfortunately we do not accept applications from people wishing to become Prayer Volunteers, instead we personally invite people who we know, trust and believe God is guiding us to, to take on this important role.